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How To Be The Most Popular Guest On Every Podcast

What does it take to be the ideal guest on a podcast or radio show?

After conducting thousands of interviews over thirty years (along with being a guest on countless podcasts, radio shows, etc…), I’ve seen (and heard) a lot. I’m going to break down the skills of becoming a better guest into two sections. One, will be the gear, technology and tools, and then we’ll dive into some performance tips. Being a great (and prepared) guest is not as easy as it looks. David Letterman used to always tell his guests: Show up, have two really funny/interesting personal stories to tell and go home. It all takes practice and preparedness (even when you’re famous and asked to appear on late night TV). Right now, there are over three million podcasts available for an audience to choose from. The quality of sound and the advancements in digital technology (hardware and software) has been astounding in the past few years. In short, the shows need to sound great, and that burden should fall on the guest as much as it weighs on the host.

Section One: The Ideal Podcast Guest Gear, Technology And Tools:

Section Two: The Ideal Podcast Guest Performance Tips And Tricks:

Anything that you might add to this list?

Happy Podcasting!

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