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Lessons From 14 Years With Six Pixels Of Separation

Today almost got away from me.

I looked at my day’s meetings and realized that today — September 29th, 2017 — marks the 14th anniversary of this space, Six Pixels Of Separation. It’s the kind of “celebration” that brings out two diametrically opposed feelings:

  • Feeling #1: It can’t be 14 years… it feels like yesterday. Have blogging and podcasting really been around for close to two decades?

My friend, Scott Stratten, says it best: “Everything has changed and nothing is different.”

People still like to read, listen, learn, share, riff on someone else’s thoughts and have a general connection to those who are like-minded, or who can help them grow (professionally, personally and communally). So, here we are. 14 years on and I don’t feel much like slowing down. The truth is this: Six Pixels of Separation is 14 years old, but I published my first professional (re: paid) piece of “journalism” back in 1989. I have been writing professionally and interviewing people for close to 30 years (ok, that number really freaks me out!).

With that, I do believe that I have some “lessons learned” after 14 years…

  1. Words are hard. Finding the right one. Making them stick together. Making them flow with cohesion. Making it worth your time. There is no bigger pressure than thinking, “what should I write today?” With that comes a lot of thinking about how everything will be taken in, consumed, ingested and reacted upon. I admire the writers who do this without self-censoring or worrying about what the reader will think. More work to be done here.

Thank you for being here. Thank you for caring. Thank you for your attention. If this was of any value to you, please check this out as well: It Is Time To Ignite Your Brand… And Light The Night!

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